"Knowing the difference between day and night"

Determine the Sunrise, Sunset and Length of Day with SKY DIAL.


With the SKY DIAL you can tell, for any week of the year, the times of the Sunrise and Sunset as well as the number of Daylight Hours in a day. This dial is calibrated for Boston times and is most accurate for the northern half of the United States and other similar latitudes around the world. The dial can be adjusted for other locations within your time zone by obtaining the corrected time from the Farmer’s Almanac or from other weather media sources giving Sunrise/Sunset times.

The first step is to set the BLACK ARROW on 12:00 noon. Adjust for locally corrected time if needed. This will be the setting for Standard Time. Move the BLACK ARROW ahead 1 hour for Daylight Savings Time.

Next set the BLUE ARROWS on the current month (number) and week (dot) on both sides of the GREEN BAND. Night with the Moon should be on the bottom of the SKY DIAL and day with the Sun should be on the top.

Then read across, in the directions that the BLUE ARROWS are pointing to the times of Sunrise and Sunset on the YELLOW BAND. The WHITE ARROW will point to the number of Daylight Hours in the day.

It is suggested that the SKY DIAL be pinned up on a wall so that it can be enjoyed visually and that it be adjusted weekly to fully appreciate the changes throughout the year.

By using your SKY DIAL over the course of the year you’ll see how Night and Day expand and contract. Those key events of the year, Summer and Winter Solstices and the Spring and Fall Equinoxes will take on even greater meaning.

The SKY DIAL - “Knowing the difference between Night and Day”.